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Debt Negotiation Secrets
Debt Negotiation Advice
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End Collection Calls Forever

Unlock the secrets to debt negotiation

Unlock the secrets to debt negotiation

Settle your debts at a substantial discount - watch the video below to learn more

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Hear what our customers say

Settled.app is a great service for the price. I was hesitant about paying $39 when I was already in debt but now consider it to the best $39 I have spent. Using the template I was able to settle a fairly large debt by only paying a fraction of the amount. The tips were really effective and helped me negotiate with debt collectors.

Marcos, Utah USA

Was very unsure about Settled. I normally like to deal with people face to face. However, for the price I decided it was worth a go. I saved $2,000 off a $10,000 debt by using the Settled. tools. Great insights that helped me when negotiating with debt collectors. Highly recommended!

Chan Ming, Sydney AUSTRALIA




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Fully Digital Debt Negotiation

No meetings, no calls. Be guided by our tools that have been built based on decades of industry experience

Efficient Debt Negotiation

Your customised debt settlement negotiation letter will be delivered to your inbox ready to present to banks & creditors

Low Cost Way To Negotiate Debt

We keep the price low to keep more cash in your pockets

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When can Settled. help?

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Other customer success stories

Settled. was recommended to me by a friend who had used it. I am a student with a few personal debts that I am struggling to pay and I was able to negotiate some handy discounts by using Settled. template and tips.  It gave me an insight into debt negotiation that I wouldn’t have had otherwise known. To be honest, the collection agent even told me I said all the right things to get a deal done!!

Ingrid, Auckland NEW ZEALAND

I was embarrassed and ashamed of my financial situation. Close to bankruptcy and no where to turn. These case managers want meeting after meeting and tell me it will take months to go through a negotiation process. A friend recommended Settled. While I don’t have the money to pay off my debts in full now I used the template to negotiate a debt payment plan I can afford. Thanks Settled!

Laila, Box Hill AUSTRALIA

There are no words to describe how much this service has helped me. I have suffered from severe depression and anxiety most of my life and really really hated talking to people, especially people chasing me to pay my overdue credit cards and electricity bills. Luckily I saw this service around the time I had money from the government stimulus money because of COVID. I tried some of these tips and I got a massive discount on my debts. Like I paid on 30% what I owed. I still struggle, but not from having debts anymore. 

Anonymous, AUSTRALIA