About Settled.

Settled. was founded because we recognised that many people had a lack of knowledge about debt negotiation, especially once you fall into arrears on your loans.

Using the Settled. platform, you now have a simple, affordable and effective way to gain the upper hand in your debt negotiation with banks, debt collectors or creditors. 

The Settled. team have a combined 30 years experience in financial services and debt recovery spanning multiple continents. We know how collectors think, what they look for and what options they are willing to consider. This knowledge and experience can work in your favour by using us. 

Honesty. Transparency. Simplicity. Innovation. 

These core values define Settled. and what we are about.

We believe all debt negotiations should be honest and transparent and we will show you how to end the collection calls and clear your debt as soon as today. At all times we encourage our customers to be honest with the information they provide as it will always result in the best possible outcome.

Simplicity is at our core and as we speak we are investing in innovative proprietary technology to continually improve our services and help as many people around the world that we can.

We are here to help. Be a part of our journey to help 1 million people become debt free by the end of 2021.