How does Settled. work?

Our platform allows you to unlock 30 years of industry experience and tap into the secrets of debt negotiation. Through a series of questions we construct a customised debt settlement offer letter which you can present to your creditor. Our goal is to help you put an end the collections calls and become debt free.

Who is Settled. for?

Settled. is suitable for both individuals and businesses. We can work with all kinds of debts such as;

Credit Cards
Personal Loans
Auto / Vehicle Loan residuals*
Mortgage residuals*
Student loans
Store Cards (inc Buy Now Pay Later)
Any debt where a debt collector has been engaged to get payment from you

* residuals are the debt still owing after the asset (car or house) has been sold

Is there a refund policy?

We have a no refund policy. Please refer to our Terms of Use for more information.

If I have more than one debt with the same bank or creditor do I have to buy multiple packages?

No, if the debts are all with the same bank or creditor then we can include them all on the one letter if the total balance falls within the package you purchased. You will provide us the information on an aggregated basis.

What if I don’t tell the truth with the information I provide you?

Settled. expects honesty and transparency in all the information that is provided and in all your debt negotiations. Our experience is that when all parties are upfront, honest and respectful with each other then the best outcomes are achieved. In addition, banks, debt collectors and creditors will always do their homework.

What if I cannot provide the suggested documents to support my case?

Our suggestions are designed to add strength to your offer to avoid any further questions from your creditors. They are not mandatory and you can choose whether to provide them or not. 

What happens if the creditor does not accept my offer?

In the event a creditor or debt collector does not accept your offer, please refer to the information guide that will be sent to you upon purchase of your package. This handy, easy to understand information guide will serve as a reference point for you and help you get the best outcome, with minimal stress. 


What happens if the creditors keep calling?

Please refer to your information guide that you will receive on purchase. There are many effective ways to deal with this. 

Do you store any of my personal details and is my information secure?

We respect and place high importance on the trust you put in us. We use SSL encryption to protect your data. For more information please review our Privacy Policy.

Do you have a list of banks / debt collectors and creditors that will accept your offers?

Our packages are suitable for any bank / debt collector or creditor. 


If I pay for a package and stop half way through entering my details what happens?

You can save you form and come back at a later time. Your link is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.

What is the difference between a debt waiver and a debt settlement.

In cases where a person is vulnerable or in extreme hardship with little chance of recovery in the medium term, debt waiver becomes an option. A debt settlement is where you make an offer to the bank / debt collector / creditor to pay only a portion of the debt owed. If you think you would meet the criteria for debt waiver the the settlement amount would be zero. Please make sure you supply all the suggested supporting documents if you decide to ask for this.


Do Settled. negotiate directly with the bank / debt collector / credit for us?
No, we are a letter preparation service only and provide you with an information guide with helpful tips on debt negotiation should your initial offer not be accepted. You are required to send the letter to the bank / debt collector / creditor.