Need A Time Out From Debt? Here Are The Best Videos of 2020!

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

From the pandemic and 5G conspiracies to the war between wearing masks and staying locked up inside the house, 2020 will not be forgotten for many such reasons. Let’s be super honest, our major saviors during this time have been our cell phones and social media!

It comes as no surprise to see one article after another talking about increased social media usage throughout the entire year; electronics being the only way to stay connected with the world during the chaos.

The best part about that however has been the growing meme culture and platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok gaining more popularity with a growing number of people from around the world getting creative and making others laugh!

So if you’re thinking, “Hey, how crazy is it to find a funny videos blog on a debt settlement website?”, know that we’re on the same bandwagon and doing our part to make this year end on a happy note! Just the way we know how to tap into negotiations for debt relief, we also know the secrets to reduce the stress of debt, one of them being taking some time off for comedic relief!

So forget about loan repayments and credit card collections! Check out these five most popular and funny videos of 2020!

A Little Mad, A Little Genius, and Sometimes a Little Bit of Both

If you enjoyed the first one, take a look at a similar compilation of videos that also went viral this year! Where the first one was mostly about embarrassing moments caught on camera, this one is a mixture of funny and creative videos, so for every laugh there’s also an “Oh wow!” moment in there. From a Baby Yoda designed entirely out of Skittles to a man subjecting his rather sensitive anatomical area to physical pain and so prove a point, this video will provide you with exactly the kind of distraction you sorely need! Click on the link below to find out exactly why these videos went viral.

Epic Fails Caught On Camera

Who doesn’t love viral video compilations, are we right? We would even encourage you to go a step further and do a “Try Not to Laugh” challenge as you watch these hilarious videos of adults, children, animals, and objects finding themselves in disastrous yet often hilarious situations!

From an umbrella that flies off its handle and opens midair (broken yet functioning, much like us in 2020!), a kid being dragged through the grass as he holds onto his dog’s leash (yikes!), and a cute young girl sleeping with her mouth open where a toddler’s foot just candidly hangs, making the recorder of the video cry out in fits of laughter, you just cannot get through this video without cracking a smile and in many places even feeling a little sorry for those having their most embarrassing moments recorded and uploaded to the internet! But hey, we’re all guilty of something!

The Presidential Debacle 2020

Bad Lip Reading is known for its epic recreation of iconic moments from films, TV shows, and more using a completely original script that makes absolutely no sense which is precisely why it’s so entertaining. Now imagine something as important as a presidential debate making it to the BLR panel; you know it’s going to be as catastrophic (although in a good way!), if not more, than the original 2020 debate itself! If your genre of comedy is complete gibberish, then this clip is just for you.

The Fandom Rap Battle of the Year

This video has over a million views simply because it is not only the best diss video of the entire channel (maybe we’re just biased!) but because it brings together protagonists from two of the most popular and loved franchises in the history of pop culture: Star Wars and Harry Potter! Pointing out each other’s flaws as characters and part of their respective franchises, both the characters are pitted against each other with various “Oh Burn!” moments in the mix. Want to know who wins the battle? Well, you decide!

The Presidential Debate Recreated

If you liked the previous video, you might want to check out another classic! This one is a political satire by Saturday Night Live (SNL) recreating the presidential debate of 2020 between the current and ex-president, Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Political satire is one of the most amazing ways to point out some very obvious certainties that may otherwise be missed in the agenda-driven speeches given and conversations made by those on the rostrum.

With this video, you get exactly that and more! With excellent makeup to ensure the comedians look exactly like the individuals they are impersonating and amazing mimicking on their part, this video will have you pausing, laughing, rewinding, and laughing all over again! Watch it right here.

Wrap Up

Did you have fun going through our top picks for the five most popular and funny videos of 2020? We sure had a blast watching them and making this blog post! So which ones were your favorite and why?

Comment down below to let us know your choice and whether you would like to see more such blogs in the future because as much as we love to help you with the paperwork and debt negotiation here at Settled., we also do love some comic relief and to give you (and ourselves!) some much-needed timeout from the stress of dealing with debt!

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